Daily – Lenten Mass @ 9am on YouTube.

Dear Friends

As part of my Lenten penance I am attempting say Mass each day and this will be available on YouTube.  The disciple is saying Mass at the same time each day followed by trying to use the technowledgy myself without relying on Darius or John.  Mass will be said from the house as the technology in the Church is way beyond me.  It will be simple said Mass lasting 15 minutes or so offered for the intention published in the newsletter.
Fr Basil|

Each day watch by clicking here —> Parish Communityies YouTube channel
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Weekday Mass for the First Week of Lent

Holy Mass on The Feast of the Chair of St Peter the Apostle

Strange name for a feast.  True, but if you think about it, we speak of a Cathedral – The church with the bishop’s chair or cathedra.  Alternatively, we speak of professors having a chair e.g., the Chair of Physics. It is their teaching authority. Today we pray for the Pope: The Teacher of the Catholic Faith. 

Mass for Tuesday in the First Week of Lent

God’s love is unconditional, as is God’s mercy. We need to be open to them both – a gift must be received before it becomes ours.  Jesus is always clear God’s gifts must be used or we lose them.  We cooperate with God’s mercy by forgiving others and so open ourselves to further forgiving love.

 Funeral Mass for Hugh Rodgers RIP. 

This Mass will be recorded and posted as soon as is practical .

 Holy Mass for Thursday in the First Week in Lent

Ask, seek, knock! Be persistent in prayer. Be assured that God is always listening. God is a promise keeper. In the first reading Queen Ester is praying for her life, she had no one else to turn to.  So, in distress or in joy, fear or thanksgiving we must pray and trust God to know what is best for us.

 Holy Mass for Friday in the First Week in Lent

God is more ready to forgive our sins than we to confess them.  Like any parent, God in his love for us wants us to turn from those things which harm us, which distort our relationship to him and to others.  Be reconciliation is the path to communion and to life.

 Holy Mass for Saturday in the First Week in Lent

The Law of the Lord is the path to happiness. It is not something imposed on us from outside. Rather through prayer and the spiritual life we allow the Law to become part of us. To root itself in our hearts. In this way even enemies can be loved because God’s Law and God’s love are one.

More to follow – watch this space