Society of St Vincent de Paul

We are looking for new members.

The good work that the SSVP carry out in our Parish will not be able to continue much longer without new members.

Parish SSVP mobile 07494248866 your mission awaits you. 

The Society of St Vincent de Paul, or SSVP is a  confederation of national charities with about 750000 to 800000 members in around 140 countries worldwide and exists to serve the needs of the poor.

The Society serves all regardless of their beliefs with over 2000 volunteer members in 300 conferences across Scotland and is composed of Catholic Volunteers who pursue their own Christian growth in service of the poor.  Non-Catholics may also join A conference may be based out of a church, school, community centre, hospital, etc..  and all are served regardless of their beliefs.

Parish SSVP mobile 07494248866 for St Vincent de Paul.

Read more about the work of the Society of St, Vincent de Paul here…

.SSVP Scotland Logo.

If you missed the number for St Vincent de Paul in our Parish it is 07494248866 so please, give us a call.

The information above has been gathered from various SSVP sources on the Internet.