Covid 19 Re-opening our Church’s – Holy Week and Easter 2021

Re-opening the doors of St Martin’s Tranent and Our Lady of Loretto Musselburgh -Holy Week and Easter 2021

Assuming that there is no deterioration in the situation with the virus over the next few weeks, our Churches can re-open for Holy Week and Easter.

 The guidelines are the same as they were before Christmas:

1. Seating according to physical distancing rules. The maximum number allowed will be 50 people. Attendance at Funerals remains at 20. You will be guided to a seat by a pass-keeper – you will most likely be unable to sit where you normally do.

2. You will need to wear a face covering.  Exemptions are children under 5 and those with a condition such as asthma. We have a limited supply of masks if you do not have your own.

3. You will need to sanitise your hands on entering and leaving. This will be provided. Please avoid touching statues and other surfaces. If you wish to light votive candles, please bring your own lighters.

4. There will be no music or singing, ministers of communion.  Only the priest will be allowed in the sacristy and toilet facilities will not be available.

5. Mass will be celebrated without the Gloria or Creed and only one reading and the gospel.

6. Holy Communion (under the form of bread only) will be distributed after the final blessing and people are asked to leave immediately.

7. There will be no Teas etc. after Mass.

9. The church will have to be cleaned after each service.

10. in order to accommodate as many people as we can these are the proposed mass times.

11. Weekend Masses will have to be registered for.



St Martin’s

Sat Mass
10:00 am
11:30 am
Sun Mass
9:00 am
11:00 am
12:00 Noon
10:00 am
11:30 am

12. We will need a team of at least 1 pass keeper, 1 reader and 2 or 3 cleaners for each Mass. Please consider volunteering your time and help make this all possible.

If you registered before Christmas then that will stand for until after Easter. If you do not feel able to return to Mass please let us know and we will remove your names from the registration lists
11. Weekend Masses will have to be registered for.

13. My thanks to those who are presently volunteering to clean the church at the end of each day.

The obligation to attend Mass remains suspended at this time