Information about the WhatsApp Parish Group

Details of the What’s App Parish Group

The aim of the WhatsApp Parish Group is to provide opportunity to parishioners to maintain contact with each other as a Community Group throughout this Covid Pandemic. The messages in the WhatsApp Parish Group are not available to the general public. It works in two ways. First you are included in all Group messages so you will receive texts from every one who sends a text to the group. this incudes Fr Basil, Parish Pastoral Council, Justice and Peace etc and of course parishioners. Second should you choose to, you can text to the Group. You might rather send or receive private texts with individuals that you know well.  All these options are available. by text. This has been a fantastic group for those who have been shielding and can not go out. A great way to receive news and receive information about what is going on in the Parish.

Would like to join the WhatsApp Parish Group please  send your name and phone number and ask to be added just email:- Click here for email address 

Don’t have WhatsApp on your Smartphone and would kike to know more about it
Click here –> Whats App Beginners Step by Step Guide.