Holy Week 2017

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Holy Week


Our Lady of Loretto & St Michael



The events of Holy Week and Easter are at the centre of our Christian faith. These events, often referred to as the Pascal Mysteries, are the focus of God’s saving purpose: ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son so that whoever believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.’  The climax of God’s self-giving takes place on what we now call Good Friday when Jesus is ‘lifted up’ on the Cross.

Believing that this was more than just another Roman execution, the early Christians came to believe that this was God’s ultimate act of love.  God gives himself up to death in order to draw ‘death’s sting’ in ‘dying he destroys death in rising he restores life’. This then is the Pascal Mystery.

Before he dies Jesus celebrates a last Passover meal with his disciples.  This commemorates an earlier saving event, when God reaches out to liberate his people from slavery in Egypt. As they prepare to leave captivity the Israelites ate a last meal—as death passes them over.  The commemoration of this, along with the crossing of the Red Sea and the giving of the Law, is all renewed in an annual meal—the Passover.

In his last Passover however, Jesus gives particular meaning to two elements: bread and wine, which he offers as his Body and Blood given to form a new relationship between God and humanity. These he gives to his disciples and commands them to make this a memorial. On Holy Thursday we remember this mystery

Good Friday is a victory demonstrated by the mystery of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.  Our Easter festival begins on Holy Saturday Night remembering the ‘Light that shines in the darkness, a light that the darkness could not overwhelm’. Jesus Risen in Glory feeds us with his Risen Body and Living Blood; Jesus living in the Scriptures enlightens our hearts and minds; Jesus head of the Church and first fruits of a New Creation lives to give us life.

 All who believe in him may share in His eternal life.  All we need do is step out of the darkness and live in His light.

Mass and other times

Palm Sunday 9th April 2017


Mass begins in Parish Hall

Distribution & Blessing of Palms

Procession into Church

Children’s Liturgy

This Palm Sunday we read of Jesus’ death in St Matthew’s Gospel

6.30pm Passover Seder Meal

This links the church back to Jesus’ Jewish faith, where at his last Passover he takes bread and wine and speaks of his body and blood.

7.00pm Mass with Distribution
of Palms.

A short but reflective Mass remembering the Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem


12th April Wednesday in Holy Week

7.00pm Stations of the Cross

At this service we join with Christians from other churches to walk The Way of the Cross.  This is a traditional form of worship enacted each Friday in Jerusalem.


13th April Holy or Maundy Thursday

7.00pm     Mass of the Lord’s Supper

                  Washing of Feet                     Ministry Renewal
Eucharistic Procession
Stripping of the Altar

 8.00pm—11.00pm Vigil of Prayer

11.00pm Night Prayer


14th April Good Friday

The day Jesus died for us. A day for sorrow and thanksgiving. Our Day of Atonement and Reconciliation.

 3.00pm The Lord’s Passion

At this service we remember Jesus death in John’s Gospel
Venerate the Cross
Receive Holy Communion

3.00pm Children’s Good Friday in Parish Hall

7.00pm Stations of the Cross with Veneration


15th April Holy Saturday

 8.00pm The Easter Vigil

Service of Light
Vigil of Reading
Adult Initiation

This is the night of glorious triumph: the night when Light conquers darkness.

On this night Jesus passes over from death to risen life.  On this night we are freed from the bondage of sin and death.


16th April Easter Sunday

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

7.00am Ecumenical service Fisherrow Harbour

 11.00am Family Mass of Easter Day.

12.00noon Children’s
Easter Egg Hunt

 7.00pm Mass of Easter day