Modernising the Loretto Community Hall – The Kitchen Facilities

We have for some time been at the edge of the kitchen in the Loretto Community Hall being fit/unfit for purpose. It is both too small and too ‘domestic’. Even if we were not to expand the size of the kitchen it is still in need of a full upgrade. However, and this is our challenge, there is inadequate space for that upgrade as there is no room for a commercial dishwasher and commercial fridge while retaining adequate workspace. Therefore to improve we have to expand.

 At present the hall kitchen has:

  • one 6 ring commercial cooker – with no extractor fan.

  • two commercial sinks and one wash hand basin.

  • commercial anti slip linoleum but now cracked and now in need of replacing.

  • a small domestic fridge.

  • domestic units and work tops

  • storage for crockery, catering equipment etc is at the other side of the hall and barely meets hygienic standards. It also involves a good deal of lifting and carrying.

  • two steps into the hall which present a trip hazard for people carrying tea pots etc.

  • one plumbed in hot water dispenser

 At present the hall ‘Bar’ has:

  • One small sink.

  • A serving hatch

  • Some unhygienic glass storage

  • An unhygienic ice fridge

  • No hygienic or secure drink storage

  • No hygienic, non-slip floor covering

 Our proposal, by more than doubling the size of the kitchen and include the bar area, is to create an area with 3 distinct spaces, with commercial, anti-slip floor covering throughout.

Cooking and food preparation areas

Washing and serving areas

A ‘bar’ space for all beverages


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In the old kitchen area:

  • Instal two (refurbished) 6 ring commercial cookers

  • Instal adequate extraction

  • Provide a sink for vegetable preparation

  • Retain (if possible) the hand basin

  • Instal a commercial fridge compliant with food hygiene regulations

  • Provide adequate and hygienic storage for food preparation equipment

  • Provide space for food preparation compliant with food hygiene regulations


    In the new kitchen area:

  • provide a serving hatch onto the main hall

  • Instal a commercial dishwasher

  • Provide an access ramp from the serving/washing area into the main hall

  • Provide adequate and hygienic storage for crockery etc


    In the expanded bar area:

  • Expand the bar area and make it become part of the kitchen

  • Provide a serving new hatch from the bar

  • Instal a commercial glass washer

  • Renew the sink

  • Provide adequate hygienic glass storage

  • Provide secure and hygienic drink storage

  • Provide a hot water dispenser

This all out for consultation, questions and good ideas before I go to the next step which is contact the council

All the best

Fr Basil