Musselburgh Covid Stations of the Cross (be involved and click here)

Musselburgh Covid Stations of the Cross

As part of our Lenten reflections this year we’re inviting you, the members of our parish, to contribute to our own Musselburgh Stations of the Cross for Holy Week.
This has been a hard year for us all with Covid causing pain and loss for so many of us in numerous different ways. As a parish we’ve been separated from each other, missing the chance to pray and connect as a community of faith and friendship.
As we begin our Lenten journey we’re inviting you to use the Stations of the Cross as a guide to pray and reflect on the last year. How do the stations speak to you of your own experience or that of your family and community? How can Jesus’ own journey help us at this challenging time?
To make it personal to Musselburgh we’re also looking for 14 individuals/ families/ groups to record their personal reflection from one of the stations to build our own Musselburgh Stations of the Cross for Holy Week.
These will be posted on the parish YouTube channel during Holy Week for others to reflect and pray with. Anyone is welcome to contribute.

What to do next:

Think about whether you would like to contribute, as an individual, a family, or with a friend. After that have a look at the list of stations, and the scripture text, and decide if there is one that particularly helps you reflect on the last year. Then, if you think you might be interested in collaborating get in touch with Miriam, as soon as possible but no later than Ash Wednesday 17th February 2021.  Contact:- [email protected] or phone 07884 054289
  • You don’t have to edit, add images or music. That will all be added in.
  • Support and resources will be available if you need them.
  • You can do it with your children, a friend or just on your own.
This will be a very personal Stations of the Cross marking a challenging year for us all, from the perspective of our parish. A tool for prayer and reflection for us all as we hopefully move forward into a healthier world after Easter. 
St. 1  
 Jesus is condemned to death
 Luke 23: 23-35
St. 2
Jesus accepts his cross     
 Matthew 27: 28-31
St. 3
Jesus falls for the first time 
 Hebrews: 2:18; 12:2
St. 4
Jesus meets his mother   
 Luke 2: 34-35
St. 5
Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross
 Mark 15: 20 – 21
St. 6
Veronica wipes the face of Jesus 
 Isaiah 53: 2 – 3
St. 7
Jesus falls for the second time    
 1 Peter 2: 23 -24
St. 8
Jesus speaks to the women of Jerusalem    
 Luke 23: 27 – 29
St. 9
Jesus falls a third time  
 Isaiah 53: 5-6; 10
St. 10
Jesus is stripped of his garments
Matthew 27: 33 – 36
St. 11
Jesus is nailed to the cross
Mark 15: 25 – 27
St. 12
Jesus dies on the cross  
Luke 23: 44 – 46
St. 13
Jesus is taken down from the cross
Matthew 27: 57 – 58
St. 14
Jesus is laid in the tomb
Matthew 27: 59 – 60