Information – Advent Reflection Group 2020

Advent Reflection Group 2020

As the days grow shorter and Advent approaches would you like to:

– Take time to pause?
– Spend time with God during this strangest of years.
– Gather ideas for prayer alone or with others?

If so, why not join our advent reflection group, running every Thursday for four weeks from 26th Nov. until 17th Dec.

The materials are available here for you to use at home; by yourself, with family members. Please contact Miriam for further details.
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Advent reflection resources

3rd Sunday Advent 2020

Click here–> 3rd Sunday in Advent 2020

2nd Sunday Advent 2020

Click here–> 2nd Sunday in Advent 2020

1st Sunday Advent 2020

Click–> 1st Sunday in Advent 2020